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Monday, November 18, 2013

{MBTI} Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Hi all,
The next assessment I took over was the MBTI.
This assessment is a bit longer and you have to be part of an institution or counselor of sorts.
They call you and talk about your results with you to make sure you truly agree with them.
It was nice actually, to be able to ask questions and talk to someone certified in learning more about what my type means.
Here are my results in a nutshell:
My type: INFJ
I- Introversion
People who prefer Introversion tend to focus on 
the inner world of ideas and impressions.
N- Intuition
People who prefer Intuition tend to take in information 
from patterns and the big picture and focus on future 
F- Feeling
People who prefer Feeling tend to make decisions 
based primarily on values and on subjective 
evaluation of person-centered concerns.
J- Judging
People who prefer Judging tend to like a planned 
and organized approach to life and want to have 
things settled.

"INFJ's: Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. They want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. They are considered an inspiration to others. Some of their qualities are: reflective/introspective, quietly caring, creative, linguistically gifted, and psychic.
Everyone's Type is different. There are 16 types all together. Sometimes not all parts of your type ring all that true to you but in a general study of all those individuals with that specific type, it has been recorded. 
This report applies your results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment to help you 
identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported MBTI type. 
My Preferred Work Tasks
• Helping others grow or develop
• Inspiring others with your vision
• Devising new ways to achieve the vision
• Identifying the larger purpose behind day-to-day tasks
• Designing innovative programs or services
• Serving people’s spiritual needs

Now not all the jobs recommended for your type really appeal to you, again it's based on a study of all those in the type you share who have found job satisfaction in those positions. Some jobs that are lower on the list for you may appeal more to you, and that doesn't mean you will enjoy it less or that you be unsatisfied, it just means the majority of those who are your type picked those that are higher up on your list. Even though you share the same type, you still all are different individuals. This assessment even tells you jobs that your type typically are not involved in and explain why you may not like that job and what your challenges will be.

Most Popular Occupations for INFJs- highlighted ones are my personal interests that I would pick.
These are jobs that INFJ's have found satisfying based on the environment and preferred work tasks.
 1 Social science research assistant
 2 Writer
 3 Physician’s assistant
 4 Biomedical engineer
 5 Surgeon
 6 Pathologist
 7 Survey researcher
 8 Multimedia artist/animator
 9 Interior designer
 10 General family physician
 11 Desktop publisher
 12 Petroleum engineer
 13 Psychiatrist
 14 Graphic designer
 15 Dental hygienist
 16 Mental health counselor
 17 Clinical/counseling/educational psychologist
 18 Food scientist
 19 Vocational education teacher
 20 Librarian/information services
 21 Environmental scientist
 22 Middle school teacher
 23 Occupational therapist
 24 Musician, singer, music director, composer

I didn't share everything because there was 10 pages worth but I wanted to share the things that stood out to me.
Pretty neat right?
Any of you who aren't in love with their jobs or sure what they want, I really recommend taking this test.
A lot of jobs popped out to me that I never really considered and after taking all assessments and piecing all my results together, I can see why I would enjoy particular jobs.
Here is where you would take it- you will need a username and password from your institute.

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