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Thursday, November 14, 2013

New sites to share

Hi Dears,
Time to share some more favorite websites!!
Came across these ones and ooohed and awwed :)

1. Panty Post!
A monthly subscription website where you get surprise panties every month! You pick the length of the subscription and the style you are after and walla, every month you get a new pair, beautifully wrapped with a cute little note.
Sounds ideal to me because come on, who doesn't love new undies!?
Here's some of the cute ones you could get:

Another overly expensive website alert!
However, some very cool things on here.
Top name brands of course, Chanel, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton...
Here are some of my favs:



Another Designer website.. This one you can sell and trade things in for credit.
That part is cool, but I don't have anything great enough to trade in. Brand wise anyway.
That aside, I do like this bag...

This site is very cool. Apparently its Modern Scandinavian Living. 
Some very interesting items on here!!
Here are the ones I want!

$2,305... but cool!
$270.00- Love that log.
$46.00- Soft fringe shorts.

Got a pair of jeans you love, and can't live without?
Did they rip and now you are sad they no longer can be worn?
Or maybe they are too big but you think they have potential?
Go to this awesome website!!

And now, a more steamy website. 
If you love lingerie, this is a wonderful site to visit.
I personally love it. It's fancy, it makes you feel beautiful.
It's a luxury really. haha
Though I won't be sharing my favs on here... I will share my favorite accessory. 
THESE SHOES. YES! haha $390.00

And that concludes this posts fun sites :) 
Hope you enjoy discovering them.

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