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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Happy Sunny Thursday!
At least here anyway.
It is the month of November, the month of Thanks, so I thought I would put my thanks in a post.

1. I am thankful for such a supportive, funny, happy, perfect for me husband. He takes care of me, makes me laugh, understands my feelings, shares my interests, adores my friends, and kisses me more than once a day. He is my best friend, my sweetheart. 
I can't imagine life without him and I am so glad he picked me.

2. Of course my families, they are the best, keep me in touch with my roots, and I love them all so much.

3. My sweet and wonderful friends. I have such a unique sisterhood/friendships with all of them individually. They are such a great support system and I love them all dearly. 

 4. My god-babies. I love these sweeties so much and am honored to be Gavin's Godmother and Kevin being both Olivia's and Gavin's Godfather.

5. My girl, Twinkle. I love her as much as a cat mom could.

6. For a beautiful wedding and dream-like honeymoon.

7. Thankful to be able to afford a cozy place.
8. To have ability to make good food.
9. To know how to read. And for books.
10. To be in good health.

11. To have a good education and the passion to learn more.
12. For showers. Or Baths. They are my favorite time of day and I love shampoo, conditioner and soaps.
13. To be young and still have so much life before me.
14. For a good, cozy, smelling candle. 
15. To be stress free and know how to maintain happiness. 
16. For keeping letter writing alive and having various pen pals.
17. Thankful to live in NY and have changing seasons. Rain, Snow, Sun, Wind.
18. For movies. At home, in the theaters. Being able to watch movies.
19. For dreams and daydreams. To be able to think about my life in the future and enjoy what I picture up.
20. For date nights. Fun and  loving date nights. 
21. For pinterest. Where would I be without it?
22. For traditions. New ornaments every Christmas, xmas pjs, family dinners, etc.
23. For planning and planners. Love to do it.
24. For Moscato Di Asti Wine and chocolate. :)
25. For cameras and pictures. Helps memories stay vivid.

26. For painting and having the ability to do it.
27. For boutiques and all their adorable clothing that I swoon over.
28. For animals. I love my furry friends.
29. Being able to sleep uninterrupted and maintaining well rested.
30. For the future, and being excited to live it.

What are you thankful for?

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