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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving and other news

Good Afternoon,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone had a merry meal with family, friends, and love.
Kevin and I were unable to make it home this year.
The first year we didn't get to have a traditional Thanksgiving.
I worked in the early morning and Kev had to work that evening.
So we made the best of it, by having our own little Thanksgiving dinner.
It wasn't the same without family but at least I had some favorite Thanksgiving foods!
We did a great job and enjoyed ourselves!
However, instead of Turkey we had chicken. Can you believe for a small 3lb turkey breast they wanted $13?
If we were going to have Turkey we needed something small because we have a tiny apartment oven with no roasting pan. But our chicken came out deliciously!
And we have lots of leftovers.

In other news, it finally snowed here. 
Though it's gone while I write this.
It wasn't much but it was beautiful
Especially when we got home later that night.
Quiet, peaceful, floating snow.

And now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to start decorating the house!
So excited to put the tree up later this week.
I started making some homemade gifts along with this cute homemade paper tree.
We will be also gathering some outdoor materials for more decor.
Can't wait to share them with you guys!
Not to mention, this Thursday is the VICTORIAN STREETWALK!
I am so excited.
Slowly they have put lights up, so excited to see it full blown.
Will take lots of pics!
And we will hopefully be getting new ornaments for the tree, one of our Christmas traditions!

Further, I am delighted to say that my first week of training with Red Bandana Pet Services was a success!
I absolutely fell in love with it!
It was so much fun learning different things, meeting all the many many dogs and cats 
(also a few chickens, African gray parrot, and guinea pigs).
My boss is awesome, we see eye to eye on a ton of things and she seemed to be impressed and not worried about having my eventually take over.
It was also great exercise.
I woke up excited to go every day and next week I am slowly doing it on my own.
I will likely start by taking over Tuesdays and I have one of my favorite dogs on Thursday, Rory.
He's a big ole goof of a black lab who needs physical therapy training and exercises. 
He is so obedient and well trained.
Rory and I connected very quickly and I just adore him.
I can't wait to walk with him often.
So it will be fun to try things slowly solo. Eventually there may be photos to share.
People have beautiful houses as well, It's fun to see different lifestyles, decorating styles and gives me ideas on house qualities i'd like to have some day. Can't wait to meet the actual pet owners!
You can tell they truly value and care for their animals.
All in all I LOVE IT.

Next up, I have been reading A dog named Christmas, by Greg Kincaid. 
It's a cute book and an easy read so far.
There's quite a few Christmas books I got out from the library. 
Excited to read through them all.
Been watching some Christmas movies too.
Some on my list, some not on my list.
Will hopefully watch The Holiday sometime this week :)
That's pretty much what's happening my way.
Kev is currently at work, the holiday season gives him some long hours, so I've been missing him.
Excited to have some outings with him this coming week.
Well I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season start!
Have some hot cocoa, listen to holiday tunes, read a holiday book, light some candles, enjoy some holiday movies, walk in the snow, and snuggle under blankies with your loved ones.
That's what I'll be up to.

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