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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy.

Hi all,
Have you read any of Jenny Han's books?
If not, I HIGHLY recommend reading her trilogy.

1. The Summer I turned pretty
2. It's not summer without you
3. We'll always have summer.
I just finished and I LOVED the series.
It is technically a teen book series but that's what I loved about it.
The innocence and the passion she felt for the fisher boys.
It reminded me of high-school and first falling for Kev.
It had a very happy ending as well.
If you haven't read these yet, be sure to head on over to the library, or read the kindle book, just read them all.
Definitely worthy of owning.
There were rumors there would be a movie, but there isn't proof that there is one yet.
That would be great if there was one though!
What are you waiting for?!

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