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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hey There Sugars, 
I realized I hadn't filled in my readers about I've been up to!
Let's see, Kevin got a new job!
Best Buy Cell Phone Department.
He loves Best Buy so I have a feeling he's going to really like this job.
Plus there's room for advancement.
He is there right now, at orientation.
I can't wait to see what his schedule looks like.
Though I loved having him home for a week in between jobs, he makes me lazy, and nothing gets done.
I cleaned our house right after because goodness, it was dirty.
I feel much better now.
Okay what else...
Oh! We started going BACK to the gym.
Yup signed up and went for a week or so and then stopped going.
If you know me, you know my endurance level is non-existence and I HATE running.
Funny because I was in track in high school, I think really only for friends.
Anyway, I said enough is enough let's go back and so we are.
And we are having fun.
The first day back was rough, I was whooped and very outta breath.
And gosh, I only spent 10 mins on the treadmill...
Today however was much better!
I brought headphones to plug into the tv to hear the sound, a great distraction.
I ran a mile in 10 minutes, not impressive, but to me was wonderful!
And I wasn't even tired. At all.
It was a great feeling. 
Then I follow Kev and I do what he does. Today was arms, chest, and abs.
Granted all I want to tone up is my tummy and hip area but my arms are weak, so it's good to do the same.
It's good we are going back because my right back hip area was starting to really bother me.
A pain that comes everytime I sit down.
I think it's from being un-active and sitting far too long in the days. 

Made homemade bean soup this week, It was delicious! And also chicken ramen soup, lemon chicken and rice, along with pasta and mushroom sauce.
Made my all time favorite Thanksgiving pie! Peanut butter whipped cream oreo crust pie with chocolate chips.
Really bummed I didn't get to cold-stone creamery. for my buy one get one free creation coupon in time.
I need to start painting again. The urge comes and goes.
I think if I were able to get some new paper, different sizes, and new paints, I would be reinspired.
Twink is good. Sleeping and being lazy, like usual.
I feel bad because she seems so bored. 
And is gonna get so fat.
This place is so much smaller she can't run around as much.
If I got her some flea meds and a harness, we could try taking her for walks.
Not sure how cooperative she would be but seems very interested in going outside.
I wonder what I should get her for Christmas this year.
Maybe one of those tubes, or an auto laser?
Being a cat mom is tough stuff. haha
Kevin surprised me with a date night this week. We went to the movies!
Haven't been in over a year!!
We went and saw Last Vegas. Go and see it because it was so good and hilarious!

That's pretty much it. 
Will try and write more :) 
Enjoy your Thursday!

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