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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dr. Visits.

Hello fellow friends,
Recently I've been dealing with some back hip pain.
Only on my right side.
This pain only happens when I sit down.
Goes away when I stand and doesn't hurt when I lay down.
Just when I sit.
It hurts more when I drive.
And it's been lasting for about a month now.
So I said, enough is enough- let's go to the Dr's.
But because we are new to the area, and no Dr. offices near us are taking new patients,we had to start at urgent care.
Can I just say once again how awful Dr. communication is?
The nurse practitioner I had, had awful body language that said everything but I sincerely care and want to know what's wrong with you.
She was very standoffish and didn't tell me anything other than:
"I'm scheduling you an x-ray, it'll be 5 mins or so"
So then I'm in this gown, nervous because I've never had an x-ray.
Not so much nervous if it would hurt, nervous to find the results.
Nervous because Kevin darling was in the waiting room and didn't come in with me.
So I did the x-ray and she returns letting me know that nothing is wrong with my bones.
But she wanted me to go to orthopedic Dr because she thought I would benefit from an MRI. 
She said to call that day because it was hard to get in.
I called and miraculously got an apt in a few hours that day.
So now i'm nervous about needing an MRI.
My mom told me that it could be sciatic nerve and she actually had surgery on hers because it gave her so much pain. She also waited longer than I did but still, the scare was still there.
Surgery, MRI?
Uhhh :(
So then at that appointment, after putting on gym shorts in a freezing patient room, the Dr comes in and immediately says:
Frances, we were talking about you behind your back, could you hear us?
Only slightly I did.
And then he proceeds to say:
Did you know you cracked your back? 
What happened?
What? No? Why didn't urgent care inform me of this?
How could this have happened? What does this even mean?
He shows me the x-ray and points out the small crack in between my hip and back. 
He also sat down with me and showed me on a spine model what was going on.
He was very sweet and had great communication! 
I have: spondylolysis
"If the pars "cracks" or fractures, the condition is called spondylolysis. The X-ray confirms the bony abnormality."
Confusing  I know.
So now, tomorrow morning, I have an MRI.
And of course I'm nervous but less nervous then I was before I talked to the lady about it.
I still am nervous of the results though.
And it's suppose to yucky icy snow, so I'm not thrilled about driving there.
Basically, once that tells me the results and confirms my condition, and doesn't show anything else, then I have to start physical therapy, 3 times a week for 6 weeks.
Oy. Vey.
I've never had it before but I have a feeling it'll be more painful than fun.
He marked EVERY exercise on the sheet he gave me to be done.
So I have to find a place where there's a pool for swimming exercises too.
I hope it's fun. And more importantly, I hope it helps.
He said I likely won't need surgery for this {THANK GOODNESS}
and that the physical therapy should help, so I just hope we continue on that route.
Man, dealing with this at 23?
I hope this is all life throws at me health wise.
I'll keep you posted on it all.

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