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Monday, December 9, 2013

The 6 year love letter.

Dear Sweetheart, 
My darling husband.
This has been a year unlike any other.
A perfect year.
I not only had an amazing time, I got to plan a wedding, with gardens, a gorgeous dress, and a handsome groom.
And then, I got to marry the love of my life, my best friend, on a gorgeous summer day. 
Afterwards I got to go on a dream like honeymoon, out of the country, with you.
A breathtaking place where we swam, indulged, and loved.
Arriving home, we had a wonderful job opportunity awaiting for you.
And then, we got to move somewhere new.
To a town where we fell even more in love with one another.
Where we made our new place, home.
And though we had some changes we had to make and dealt with some financial obstacles, I wouldn't trade it away for anything.
In the past 6 months, I couldn't have been happier as Mrs. Mills.
I couldn't imagine my life any other way.
I think I couldn't possibly love you more.
And then I do.
Just like that.
More and more every single day.
To think that I have gotten the opportunity to be the apple of your eye for the last 6 years...
I couldn't be more thankful that you chose me.
6 years already!
I remember being in high school with you, I remember spending every weekend with you when I was away at college, I remember living in Oswego with you and then graduating, and moving again.
Now look at us, married, extremely happy, figuring out our life, and even more in love.
Mr. & Mrs. Mills.
It's a dream.
It's moving so fast and yet we still have our ENTIRE lives ahead of us. 
So much still to be explored, and enjoyed.
Just like I said on our wedding day, I vow to love you to the fullest, under any circumstances, happy or sad, easy or difficult, through the sunny days and through the rain, for the rest of my days. 
And I am just so excited that I can do that. 
Here's to many more years together growing old.
I love you Kevin.

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