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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victorian Streetwalk

Hi Folks,
As many of you know, I was very excited for the Victorian Street Walk up here.
From my previous post about it, they wooed and hawed over it. 
But after going, I wasn't all that impressed.
They closed down the street for it, and they had pretty display windows and light posts. But they made it sound like the over did the lights. 
They didn't.
They had Santa's cottage, which we never tried to get over too because it was overwhelming with kids.
They had reindeer which were cute but not particularly friendly.
The free refreshments, were not so free and if so, they were in minuscule amounts.
It took Kev and I an hour to see it all.
He bought me a hot cocoa and we went back home.
It would have been much better with snow too, as it was a 45 degree night. Warmer than usual.
I mean it was fun for the most part but not as fun as Lights on the River in Owego NY. I heard that was amazing this year.
Here are some pictures I got:

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