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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Which shoes are the right shoes?

First off, 
I LOVE my new dog walking pet sitting job!
It's been a blast!
I love meeting all the new dogs. So many cuties.
Go here to see some of them yourself.
Surely I haven't met half these on the list, and there's some I've met that aren't on the list.
But it's great!
I am doing really well at it, the dogs are walking perfectly for me.
And the pet sitting visits are a lot of fun too. 
Part of the perks of this job is my boss buys me new sneakers every 6 months and new boots once a year.
The sneakers must be a good fit, comfortable, and within the price range she gave me.
I went with my friend Hannah when she was recently up and I tried on a few.
All the ones below are comfortable and in the price range.
But, are they worth it?
Will they hold up? Will my feet eventually start hurting?
Are they enough support?
Will my feet get cold?
Can I walk on ice possibly? 
I'd love your suggestions, opinions if you have tried any of these shoes.
I also would like advice on a good pair of boots.
She recommended getting a good weather proof pair of leather boots that I can walk in snow, ice, will keep my feet warm, will be comfortable, and can be worn in a barn for my horse clients.
I was originally thinking some beautiful riding boots but I'm not sure if that's a good choice or not?
When I think of boots in barns, I think of all the crud stuck in between the cracks and grips at the bottom. 
That's part of the reason why riding boots some enticing. 
I would love these ones:
But can I walk on snow and ice? Are they warm? 
Suggestions needed please!

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