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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dr. Updates.

So since my original Dr Visit post got so many page views,
I thought I would fill my readers in on my most recent Dr. visits regarding my "condition".
From my last post, I stated that I needed an MRI.
Oh boy, was that a process in itself.
I thought the urgent care Dr was rude, this MRI lady knocked it out of the park.
For the MRI I was told to dress comfy.
I wore yoga pants and a big baggy jammy shirt.
Even that wasn't comfy enough to sit still for not 45 mins but for an hour and 15 mins.
Why you ask?
Because the gosh darn machine QUIT on me halfway through the test.
The weather was bad and it up and quit.
Not to mention, we have one car and my sweetie needed to be to work within the 2 hours.
The MRI lady rolled her eyes, told me it wasn't her fault (funny thing- i never said it was?) and whined, I can tell the front desk lady to tell your husband if you must.
My response?
"Yes, I must." 
She rolled her eyes again and left the room.
Meanwhile, I have been laying completely still- no moving, outside the machine waiting for it to come back on.
When She pulled me out and said it went down and to not move, it would only be a min. 15 mins later...

Anyway, we finish the procedure, she luckily didn't have to start it over. 
I get dressed, she is still annoyed at me, and tells me she's sending my images over this afternoon.
3 weeks later, and a ton of phone calls with mis-communication, I finally get my results to the correct Dr to view them.
His nurse calls me with the results. 
"Ma'am you have a herniated disc. We need you to schedule an apt with the spine Dr,... immediately"
Way to make me feel as if it's nothing serious.
At this point, I had a million questions.
Do I still have spondylolysis? 
What level of a herniated disc do I have?
Will I need surgery?
Does my physical therapy change?
What's next?
She was already gone before I could ask.
Not to mention, the spine dr was on vacation for 2 weeks.
I scheduled the apt, soonest was the 8th of January (today). 

Meanwhile I have been going to physical therapy twice a week.
It really just seems like stretching to me. Which is good.
Rather that than be painful.
Apparently, I'm crooked. So we are working on that and strength core training.
As long as I have a strong core with abs, then my posture will be better, and I wont be putting pressure on my back and all will be better.
Yay for being toned!
I do some home exercises too- and was informed they are not just stretches, they are treatment and I need to do them daily. 
Still working on getting better at that. When I feel good, I forget.

Yesterday I am informed that I need to get a disc of my MRI images and to bring it with me tomorrow.
They failed to tell me how hard of a time the other office was gonna give me and that it was gonna be $10 for a disc, I assumed I wasn't going to be able to keep. -_-
A bit last minute, and annoyed, I went to get it figured out, and the office where I was requesting it tells me it's gonna be a couple of days. After a phone call to the Spine Dr to inform them of this, the disc lady calls me back and says that she thinks she can do it by that evening and she was sorry for the hassle they gave me.
I mean, cool, but why am I doing the communicating here? Why aren't they calling each other for this?
Luckily, due to the hassle, she didn't charge me. I just hope I don't receive a $10.00 bill later on.
Because let's face it, that's ridiculous!

So let's get to the apt today.
8:15 this morning, I go in for an apt.
Very nice building with nice people. No outfit changes.
Easy peasy.
The practitioner came in and did some tests on me. Reflex tests, strength tests, showing all that I was capable of.
Nothing too worried about.
The Dr came in and informs me that not only do I have spondylolysis, and a herniated disc, I also have mild arthritis in my back.
Lots of teens get it, some witness pains as they get older, some don't.
What a fun journey.
I'm just glad its mild.
He said I will likely NEVER need surgery.
And to keep doing my physical therapy til it's my 6 weeks. 
By then my herniated disc should be better, and my spondylolysis is not something to worry about because 11% of Caucasians get this. Ok?
He said my spine was relatively straight and looks good, and that some of my joints were bigger than others and there was slight fluid which is what they call arthritis. 
Any increase in pain I feel, to come back to him. 
So that was a big relief. 
Oh and now I have a disc of all my MRI images. 
You know, in case I think it's scrapbook worthy.
I suppose that's the least they can do considering how expensive MRI's are. 

But that's where we stand.
I'm gonna finish up my therapy, and then get into Yoga because that will help with my core.
And it will make me happy.
I am just glad to be done visiting doctors for a while.
and *Knock on wood*, I've been feeling pretty good pain wise!

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