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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dreams in my life

Hi There!
So far 2014 has came in with snow.
But I'm not letting that get in the way.
I've had so many positive, happy, inspiring thoughts lately!
Big dreams and goals that I can't wait to witness one day.
Some will take a year, some may take more.
I am just feeling super inspired!

What's on my mind?
1. I have been DREAMING of buying our own house. It's happening so soon- 3 years. And after pet-sitting for some people, I get to see their house layouts, and how they decorate. It's given me ideas on what to look for in a house. I can't wait and keep daydreaming of it.

2. Going on vacation/trip. Kevin has had the umph to travel sooo so bad lately. Truth be told, if he had his way, we would be moving to California. 
He wants to move there, and work for Google, and let life lead the way over there.
Sure, it's enticing but it's far.
Too far.
I can't see myself enjoying it. 
Vacation over there, yes! But to up and move. No.
So I am dreaming of vacationing to a few places;
California, Hawaii, Nantucket, MA, Oregon, New Mexico, Maine, North Carolina, Alaska and of course Rhode Island.
Outside of the US:
Great Britain. New Zealand. Ireland. Spain. Iceland. Australia (minus the scary spiders that live there..)
Basically, we have vacation fever.

3. Revisiting our honeymoon- already! We loved it that much!

I would LOVE to go back to Zoetry, whether in Mexico or elsewhere, so I am dreaming of saving up and going this year.
We will see how possible that even is, but it is certainly a dream. 

4. And lastly, a shopping spree.
I have been dreaming of a brand new wardrobe. 
Looking for a me and new style.
Get rid of most of all my clothes now, other than select favs, and replacing everything.
Of course this can only be a dream unless I have 1000 or more dollars to make it happen. haha
I want new jeans. But i'm picky about my jeans. New shoes. New shirts. New PJS. New socks and undies, new everything.

That's basically what I'm dreaming of right at the moment,
it's good to dream.
Keeps you excited about life.

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