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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Holidays

Hello Everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
How was everyone's holidays?
I hope spent happily, safely, and with those you love.
Ours was great!
Though it was certainly rushed.
Kevin and I opened our gifts from each other on Christmas Eve.
He seemed to love all I got him (hat, gloves, scarf, super nintendo games, water bottle, over the ear headphones, dried mango, beef jerky, candy, chapfix, A sega game and a few other goodies. And he got me these AWESOME ski lodge leggings I was asking for.
They are cute but also so so warm!
I also got cool nailpolish, the new Nicholas sparks book to add to my collection, candy, fuzzy socks, a lilac candle, chocolate covered pretzels and more. 
We flew home late Christmas Eve to Kevin's parents for their Christmas Eve Party!
They have one every year, usually with friends arriving, though this year it was all immediate family.
It was nice.
We tried something new this year and played White Elephant!
Our gifts were a huge thing of Cheese balls, and two movies. We did two sets of these. And we also gave an air hockey game as another and a last a really cool smash journal with some white fig candles. 
The only thing is, we were suppose to do just that but still bought/made gifts anyway.
haha Oh well, we will get it right one year.
His parents got me an AWESOME coat for dogwalking/petsitting. It's so warm and comfy. I am so thankful. We also were given some Christmas spending cash, a new curling iron, homemade body products, popcorn tin, candy etc.

For White Elephant I ended up with a Whitman's chocolate sampler, and Kevin got these really cool gingerbread ninja cookie cutter and baking set!
I am so excited to try them out and have some funny ninja cookies.
We were up late Christmas Eve, everyone seemed to enjoy the homemade gifts I made this year.
Refer to that post to see what I made!
And we stayed up watching funny shows and all hanging out.

Then the next day, we had a ton of places to visit!
We got right up, and met my mom, step dad and brother at my Grandma's. There we reunited with Grandma, had some yummy breakfast and opened gifts from my parents there.
Usually we open gifts at mom's house but it was so busy and now with a 3 and half hour drive home, we decided to open at Grandmas!
They spoiled us with some cool things! Hair claw things for me, fleece lined leggings, candy, a watercolor paint set, homemade corn bags, soap, and more. Kevin got a really cool Frankenstein gold page edition book, a harmonica, a new blanket, and so on. 
It was so nice of them and I loved everything.

Then we went to my Dad's and stopped in to see him :)
We chatted for a while, watched the birds and played with the kitties. 
Dad gave us some spending cash for Christmas so we could get things we needed and wanted.
We ended up buying haircuts, see pics below, and some girly stuff for me at Bath and Body works and Victoria's secret. 

After, we headed to my Uncle's house. That's where my mom's side of the family gathers.
Mom and my step dad and brother were there too.
There I reunited with my grandfather, aunts uncles and cousins. 
It's one my favorite places to go on Christmas because we all sit around, and catch up. 
We also play white Elephant there.
Kevin got a cool multi-tool that was pocket size and I got a humongous mug, a chocolate bar, with coffee beans. Since I don't really drink coffee I traded my aunt for more chocolate truffles! 
I had a glass of a very delicious berry wine there too! Wish I remembered what it was called.

Lastly, we went back to his parents to get our things and they had a few freezer and pantry goods to send us on our way with!
So sweet :)
We got back home about 8:30 or so. 
Got snugly in our Christmas jammies and fell asleep. 
We both had to work the next day bright and early!
Pic before haircuts ^
It was a nice Christmas though.

For the New Year, I heard the Saratoga was doing their first night. I also heard that there was expected to be 20,000 people showing up and that most bars were doing a cover charge. That didn't sound like something I was all about.
So we decided to celebrate with Kevin's new friend, Josh and his girlfriend Ashleigh.
Ashleigh is pregnant so she couldn't have any celebratory drinks but she was super sweet non-the-less.
While the boys put together a computer for Josh, I drank my favorite wine, learned about Ashleigh and played with their cute animal friends!
They had a kitty, Chance, and a ferret, Slinky, and a old Rat along with a corn snake. I didn't play with the rat or snake. Though the Rat was cute, he was just too old. 
Finally when the boys were finished, they had some wine with me and we played a game before calling it a night.
It was a pretty low key new years, compared to our usual affair of the Beauchamp party.
Greg is in Morocco this year so it didn't feel the same to have a party without him and it was too far to go home for. We missed the first turn of midnight, and we were even late kissing each other! 
That bummed me out for some reason, but at least I got one 3 minutes after. haha
All in all it was good, at least we spent it with friends and safely. 
Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season!

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