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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolutions

In addition to my 2014 focus word (refer to that post to learn more!) I have come up with thirty 2014
New Year Resolutions that I would like to stick to and work on!
The list is as follows in no particular order:

  • Continue to work out at the gym
  • Take some yoga/Pilates classes
  • Grow my business by getting 2 more clients at least. For a total of 5.
  • Move into a different place (apartment or house). Something bigger and better.
  • Go to the dentist and face my fears- get teeth fixed up and make them sparkly white
  • Get my back into working order again and not need surgery for it
  • Leave the country for a trip- but where?
  • Continue with my positive outlook on life. Negativity be gone!
  • Get at least 5 massages/ spa visits in the year.
  • Don't lose my creativity. Doing crafty things help keep a positive outlook on things. Relieves me.
  • Give Kev a KILLER Birthday gift this year. 
  • Have an amazing first wedding anniversary!!
  • Start writing letters to family in addition to friends
  • Less time spent on phone when with Kev, and hope he does the same. Cherish us time.
  • Keep reading. Let's see how many I can cross off my bookshelf.
  • Go through my ridiculously large pile of magazines. 
  • Learn something new everyday or at least every week!
  • Continue to grow and learn about myself.
  • Get certified to give Strengthsquest/ and other assessments like Myers Briggs. 
  • Look more into becoming a career counselor- give it a try once qualified to
  • Find the jeans. The one pair of jeans that I will have years to come.
  • Come up with ways to stay connected with all my girls. Uniquely :)
  • More veggies and fruit! Maybe actually following a chart of what you should be eating!
  • Sign up for a dance/art class with Kevin.
  • Start running a little further each time I run. 
  • Get organized. 
  • Work on my handwriting!! Penmanship at its finest. Get creative with it!
  • Study up on my Spanish using Duolingo. 
  • Always make room for date night, at least twice a month. Use date jar more often.
What are some of yours?
I wish you luck with yours!


  1. 30 resolutions, that’s a lot! But I think these are great since most of it focuses more on your health and career. I just hope you achieve it all, and good luck on facing your fear of going to the dentist. But let me assure you, as long as you choose the right clinic, the everything will be okay. Just keep your focus on your goal in having pearly whites to stay motivated in visiting the dentist’s.

    Jamie @

  2. Thank you Jamie! I appreciate your comment, and support. Yes, 30 is a lot but I think I can tackle most of it! A year is a long time! :) And thank you for your support in the dentist search. I will definitely have to overcome my fear as I have quite a few dental issues that are important. Money was a big factor, since I don't have dental insurance. But this year, I MUST go! :)