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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Picky Cat

Everyone has met Twink right?
Well if you truly know her, 
You know that she is a picky cat.
She chooses what's good.
She doesn't care if you spent, $8, $10, or even $20 on her food.
If she doesn't like it or gets bored of it, that's that.
She will go 3-4 days without eating but by then she's even more of a pain.
Usually at that point she's crying and whining and batting me for new food/attention.
I recently bought her Simply Nourish from Petsmart, Salmon flavored.
It was 4lbs of food and $10.00
I went out on a limb because I can't even bring home the same kind of food as last time because she gets upset. And won't eat it. 
She has her brands and flavors she likes,
and she is not held accountable if she decides to no longer like that kind.
I tell her:
"Most cats would thrive to have this, they would clean their bowls and purr of happiness"
She only rolls her eyes at me in return.
Yes, Eye rolling all the way.
So since she decided the Simply Nourish Salmon is no bueno, and since its been over a week of her hardly touching it, I decided it was time to get new food.
So this time, I went to a local petstore and bought a few bags of trial size for her to try.
That way, she gets new taste and if she shouldn't like it, it's not as much wasted. 
I hope she likes them all.
They are all really good foods for her, no grains, mostly meat, different flavors, small pieces, freshly sealed. They Should be a hit.
It's a good thing she's cute because she is a pain.
Anyone else have this problem?


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