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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's your 2014 focus word to live by?

Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year!
So this year, I decided that I wanted to partake in the #onelittleword focus word challenge.
What you do is pick a word that you are choosing to focus on throughout the new year. 
You reflect on if you followed that word throughout the year. 
And just starting the challenge, I could tell what my word was this last year.
For 2013, my word was Inspire.
2013 was a very exciting year! 
I planned a wedding, married my best friend, left the country, I started a business, made a large move, had a job transition, went through some financial hardships, discovered more of who I am,  and learned to just take it day by day. 
It was one of my favorite years. That's for sure!
This year, my 2014 focus word is going to be:
Because I intend to have growth in different areas of my life.
I want to grow my business, I want to grow in my dog walking/pet-sitting position, I want to grow by moving after our lease is up to a new, improved place. I want to take what life throws at me, look at it and grow from it. I want to improve my style, and my beauty regimens, along with my back issues.
 I am thinking that overall it will be a year of growth. 

When I asked my sweetie what his 2014 focus word was for this year, he surprised me by answering.
Usually he's a guy to take things day by day, never plan ahead, and just be
This year he said that his focus word is:

Good question. He didn't seem to know how to answer but he knew that was his word.
Perhaps he's ready for a change in life.
Whether that is how he thinks, what he loves, or what he wants. 
He just wants to change things up and keep things different. 
I am interested to see how this plays out.
When I told him Growth was mine, he told me that it was great focus word and that he too would focus on that word too.

2014, I am excited to see what you have in store for us.
2013 was full of special moments, surprises, and good times!
I know 2014 won't let us down. 
What's your focus word?

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  1. aw, thats cool. i wonder what mine could be. hm.