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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifties

I have finally finished celebrating Christmas with everyone.
Well minus some friends, but I plan on mailing their things.
I wanted to share all the homemade gifties I made this year.
I tried to get clever and come up with some good ones.
For the little girls, I made homemade "treasure"
By dying some noodles, adding sparkles and putting them in boxes with costume jewelry. 
For little boys, the ones I had to make were 2 years old or so, I made airplanes out of popsicle sticks.
Sure they probably are broken already but it was cute to give it to our nephew.
For my brother and brother in laws I made homemade wallets out of magazines.
Andy got a victoria's secret one, my brother in law joe got a food wallet, as did my brother in law Freddy.
Travis got a motorcycle one and my brother got a guitar one. 
They turned out pretty sweet!
 For my  mother in law and sister in law, I made these cute family tree pictures. 
For my sister I made this special picture.  
They also all received a nail polish gram, homemade book marks, and a survival sister kit (for my sissy).

 They all turned out pretty good. They were fun to make and on a budget, they were affordable.
I think everyone got a kick outta them.
Couldn't wait to share!

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