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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ninja-Bread Cookies

It's snowing.
I should be happy because we still have yet to get to the ski slopes, not that we can afford their outrageous rental fees, but I find myself dreaming of the beach and sun instead.
Kevin had the day off today and due to the snow, my work got cancelled as well!
So we had a fun day snow day inside!
For Christmas in a white elephant game we got a kit to make
"Ninja-Bread Cookies"
and we finally made use of them today!
Here are some pics of our progress.
They certainly aren't as good as the box, or rather; not as good as the baker who made gingerbread cookies from scratch, was a pro a decorating them, and had them photo shopped onto a box. 

 For dinner we are making Steaks, Broccoli and Carrots, and Potatoes. 
And what better time to watch Frozen!
Hope everyone is enjoying their days!

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