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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all my readers,
It means so much to know people are viewing and reading my posts.
I had a fantastic Valentine's Day!
The original plan was I had to work 7am-5pm dogwalking and pet sitting because my boss took the day off before mr. baby comes in March.
So Kev and I were going to celebrate in the evening, since he had the day off for it.
However, because we got 2 feet of snow the night before, walks got cancelled for my safety and so I only had 3 pet sits to do.
I got to spend the day with my valentine, and then around 3:30 he kicked me outta the house so he could prepare for later.
haha I sat in Rite-aid waiting for my 5:00 pet sit, and it was a mad house!
I had no idea what Kev could be doing, and to be honest I was nervous he waited til the last minute and that it was gonna be cheesy.
Plus, after making my lovely list of ideas, he told me he wasn't getting me any of  those things because he thought of something himself. 
Naturally, this made me sad because I really really wanted those things. Those things were things I considered to be romantic. 
But he swore i was gonna LOVE what he was doing for me, so I let it go.
He out did himself.

After my pet sit, I came home to him dressed all in black with a white tie. Candles were lit in the living room and he was dancing to salsa music playing.
When I came upstairs he told me I needed to put on my dress.
To which he dug out my prom dress that I wore to his prom!
I was nervous it wouldn't fit me, but it did :) 
Then once in the living room he told me we were dancing salsa, for however long I wanted.
And that I got to choose a chick flick of my choice. 
He picked 6 different ones from me to choose from.
I picked The Vow. We love that movie.

Then he said, let's do gifts.
I let him do his first.
I got him and 18 pack of full sized candy bars, and 20 pack of different full sized candy bars.
He's been wanting these for years, and how convenient, they were one sale!
I also got him a pair of boxers that had hearts and lip prints all over them.
And some conversation hearts with a card.
He loved it.

He handed me a bag from Silverado; a CUTE jewelry boutique here that happens to my sister's favorite.
It's not a cheap place, and it has gorgeous jewelry. 
Inside, there was a box from TC Paris. Which was the place I wanted my french macaroons from!
I was confused how he got a silverado bag, and once I opened the TC Paris box, there was a ring box inside that!
After unwrapping it, there was this beautiful petite silver ring with a small diamond in the center. Similar to the one I wanted on Etsy, but silver and diamond, not gold and ruby.
It was perfect, and so thoughtful of him to get a ring like I wanted, but different so he felt like he picked it out. <3
There was also a card that said this: 
Why I ever doubted him, I will never know.
I never should, he's perfect in every way.
He's a sly one, but always always does amazing.
I know it's not about the gifts, and he proved that with his thoughtfulness in planning this. 
I felt very loved and lucky to get this gift and to have him as my husband.
I love him more than I ever thought possible.

After salsa dancing for 40 mins or so, we watched The Vow and had some wine,  macaroons and called it a night!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's!

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