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Monday, February 24, 2014

Whatsa Goina?

Hello Friends! 
How is everyone?
Life here is pretty usual.
Mainly just been working though last Thursday we went and won 1st place at TGI Friday's Trivia Night!
Go Us!
Here is what I wore, despite the weather, I loveeee those shoes.

I also decided to curl my hair this week. Gosh that takes forever.
I ended up putting it in a ponytail due to how thick it got after curls.
Looked cute though.

Otherwise not too much else to report.
We are trying a new thing though.
We sold our living room TV.
The issue is we tend to watch it too much, and could be doing other things.
I could be getting craftier, he could be reading more. Listening to music.
So we finally agreed to do it and rearranged our living room.
Of course it looks weird to me now, but I will get use to it I guess.
The far corner by the cat tree will be a cleared out area once we go through the stuff that's there.
We made a really comfy "nest" to hang out in, which essentially is a blanket bean bag.
It's wicked comfortable and the cat loves it. ;)
Eventually we will be getting a double extra large sized Yogibo 
They are a bit pricey though so we will need to save up until. 
I am interested to see how much more active we are without the TV.
We do still have one in the bedroom for when I want to watch a movie, or have to lay out because my back is bothering me.
I didn't want to give up completely cold turkey. :)
Today we spent rearranging the living room to look like this, and I got comfy and looked through this book with sweet little poems in it.
This one stood out to me.

Otherwise nothing new and exciting happening here.
Looking forward to spring though I hear it's going to snow storm once again and get really cold. 
Hopefully that will be the last hoorah. 
Muffin Cat is good. 
Will report when something exciting happens!

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