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Saturday, March 8, 2014

1 year Blogiversary!

Happy one year for blogging at Simply Franee!
Thank you so much for taking a liking to my blog, and visiting it to read all about my ramblings.
Honestly, I would have quit a long time ago, if I didn't get the traffic I was getting. 
I mean it's not that impressive yet, but for the first year I am so pleased. 9,365 Pageviews.
You guys rock.
Blogging has been a way to make me take more pictures, and enjoy more things in life.
After a fun day, with photos, I am always excited to blog about it.

Today, we decided to take a Saturday Drive. 
The plan was to get in the car, head in a direction and turn down whatever roads we wanted.
We ended up in Manchester, Vermont!
It was so much fun, and I took all sorts of pictures along the way.
Most of the way there was farm scenery, and the way home we used the gps and it put us on highways.
Starting out the trip, we brought a bottle of water and 2 candy bars to enjoy along the way.
Bright red house.
 All the pretty hills.

For a second, we were in two places at once!
 Very cool Gap Outlet ^ Lots of outlets in Manchester, VT.
 It was a fun little journey and it gave me something new to blog about!
Thank you again to everyone who reads this.
You are my inspiration to keep blogging!

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