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Friday, March 7, 2014

Couple Cooking

So Kev and I got an awesome cookbook from my sister
for Christmas.
It has some really cool recipes in it. 
We finally got around to making two of them!
So fun and delicious.
The first was Sausage Cheddar Balls.
These were really really easy to make and good. 
 Excuse our overused pan ^
The second one we made was for desert purposes.
Apple fries,
I so wished they were as cute as in the picture below, but they were tasty.
And a cinch to make!

 The finished meatballs.
They were really tasty and had a zing to them. I liked to dip them in ranch.
 I think we cooked ours for too long, but we are still learning our oven.
They weren't as cheesy as I had hoped but they were yummy.
 This is what our apple fries looked like...
You could dip them in carmel, but I enjoyed dipping them in leftover, mushed up apple filling. 
We had extra from making the fries themselves and made an apple sauce like filling with it.
Dipped them in that too and I liked that more than the caramel.
I bet vanilla ice cream would have been good too.
 And of course, what's a night of cooking together without daquiris?
Mango and strawberry.

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