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Saturday, March 1, 2014

German Feast

Hi Friends,
I have been recently pet sitting for a pony named Nutmeg and two mini donkeys, Crispy and Doodles.
The visit takes place later so yesterday, I had Kev tag along so we could go out to dinner after.
We went to this German Restaurant in the middle of nowhere, called Spa Brauhaus!
It was such a cool experience.
We ordered Potato Pancakes as an appetizer.
Homemade apple sauce came with this. mmm
And for dinner we got Wiener Schnitzel that had a yummy brown gravy on top.
That came with several things. Green beans, and a to die for twice baked potato.
And every entree order comes with a loaf of bread, side salads, and a barley soup.
For desert we had a mouth watering Black Satin Cake. 
Everything tasted wonderful and we were stuffed to gills afterward! 
Wanted to share with you guys.
If you have a local German Restaurant near by, do go and indulge!

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