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Friday, March 21, 2014

Snuggles, hot-tub, and comfort food.

I love my husband!
Wish I had news to report, not much new on this end.
Just a whole lot of snuggling. 
He actually was falling asleep in this picture and did after I took these two.
We house sat/ cat sat for our good friends Chelsea and Phillip.
They have a cute kitty named Loki and an awesome hot tub that were allowed to use.
We took advantage of the opportunity.
And recently we made some delicious comfort food.
Homemade french fries and homemade chicken nuggets.
They were delicious. 
Excuse the not so nice pans and oven. Can't wait til we have some new stuff.
we just have been working. Not really any fun nights recently.
We had one drink on St. Patty's Day and that was about it.
I am working lots dog walking and doing great at it.
Lots of exercise.
I also have been succeeding at my business!!
Getting Robin connected with some potential traffic helpers and Pam is selling her jewelry left and right.
4 pieces sold this week!
All is good!

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