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Friday, March 7, 2014

You may not know

Things you may not know about me.
In no particular order. 
  • I am inspired easily. Sometimes I get a thousands ideas in my head and things I want to do, and be, and these days I wish never ended so I could conquer them all.
  • I'm a dreamer. I have big dreams, goals, wants, wishes, and hopes. But I'm also a doer. I get the things I want.
  • I try to always stick on the more positive side of things. Pish Posh will all this negativity. Why spend your time being bummed or worried, or mad even, when you could be happy, calm and collected. Where has being negative played a good part in your life?
  • I love to sing. I use to sing in high-school, in chorus, girls double trio, lead role in the school play. I miss singing professionally. Would love to take voice lessons soon.
  • Dancing makes me confident. Sure I look goofy. But I love to dance. Not just jigging and jiving but to salsa cha cha ballroom etc. 90's music really gets me going too.
  • I absolutely LOVE to play board games. Especially if they are going to make me giggle. I bring games with me to every get together in hopes that we will play them. I don't even have to drink to have blast.
  • Which I guess leads to me to, I love acting! It was so much fun in high school, and in college I took several acting classes. I almost tried out for a play in college but the time it required, prevented me from being able to. 
  • I like to take selfies. Why shouldn't you? Some view it as conceited, I say, you should confident enough with your looks to want to take pictures of yourself. Memories for the future. In moderation, it's wonderful.

  • I really enjoy reading. Sometimes I get going and can read 6 books in 2 months. Then I slow down and remember how I miss reading and start up again.
  • I am proud of my accomplishments and awards, even ones from high school. They define who I am. Art merit for a painting, lead role in school musical, co-giving the senior class president speech, prom queen, yearbook, yearbook. I miss being involved and recognized.

  • I have a plethora of job choices I want to try out once in life. Most people view a career as something to hold onto, but I want to try so many different ones. I mean typically you go to college for a degree and that's where most people stick in their jobs genre. I want to say I've tried all the jobs I wanted. It's important to do what you want to do, and what you like to do. Work is hardly work when you enjoy it. 

Some of the jobs I want which include ones I'm currently doing:
*Own my own business doing marketing (Currently! Check)
*Work in a spa and experience that (Check- not a fan)
*Work for a wedding company, or venue. Bayshore Grove (Check- loved it)
*Be a dog walker/pet sitter (Currently! check)
*Artist- sell my own artwork (Currently! Check)

Some that I'm striving to do/get one day:
*Be a career counselor- get certified to give Strengthsquest/MBTI Assessments. Would love!
*Work for a magazine, either in office or from home. A pretty magazine- dealing with pictures, story writing, research
*Model for money at least one time. Why? I've always wanted to. 
*Work for a really cute mom and pop boutique sometime. I hear the horrors of retail but if it's family owned, it would be good enough for me. Something chic, girly, really cute store.
*Be a wedding planner. So yes, this was my first plan through college. I wanted it more than anything. I am sorta really loving the idea of it again. Being married helps too because I know the ins and outs and can share my own stories with brides. I just love researching.
*Some sort of research job, I love finding friends jobs, houses, things for their wedding. I just love researching what's best, cute, a good deal etc. 

There's some more fun facts about me :) 

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