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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Origins order

For my birthday, my sweet wonderful sister got me an egiftcard to
She recently tried the products 
(read her review here:
And raved over them, which obviously want to try them for myself!
I spent about $70 and this is what I got.
A pretty wrapped box. 
Most often with each order there is not only a welcome offer, but also some freebie offers that are to try!
My welcome offer was the Ginzing Hand Cream.
It smells amazing. But it's a small freebie bottle. 
But I like it enough!
Underneath that you can see the small packet. It's anti-aging spf face cream with white tea.
I haven't tried it yet, but the next sunny day, I plan to. 
The Zero Oil Deep Poor Cleanser smells really wonderful. The reason why I wanted it was because it said that it had a cool and tingly effect.
Maybe my skin is already in perfect condition, because it didn't do it for me. 
It was a major bummer because that was the whole reason why I wanted it, but it does smell good and seems to work well enough so I'm sticking to it.
That brings me to the Charcoal Clear improvements mask.
I've done it twice now and have loved it both times.
It's fun and easy to put on, and dries quickly. It really tightens on your skin where you feel super stiff.
It doesn't really smell like anything but it works really well.
I noticed less blackheads on my nose, and it leaves your face super soft. 
I feel really nice and clean afterward.
And totally recommend it.
The last thing I ordered was the beyond the fringe mascara! 
This is a dual mascara that has an "underwear" wand that preps your lashes with a white product. 
It REALLY lengthens your lashes. 
Then after, you add the black mascara on the opposite end.
It's wonderful. My lashes are long, and smooth, not clumpy.
It easily washes off but stays on throughout the whole day.
It's lightweight.
I really love it and it's the most expensive mascara I've ever splurged on to buy.
100% worth it.
There are so many products that are great for your skin on
You should hop on over and check it out!
Be sure to read my sister's reviews of her fav products above.^

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