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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friends and Springtime fun

Hello friends!
It's been such a fun couple of weeks.
If this is any sign, we are going to have an amazing fun filled summer.
When we're not working, we are usually with friends.
Whether we are at trivia night, out for drinks, bowling, exploring, hot tubing it up, or having game night, 
we are always having so much fun.
I love these guys.
Recently we went to Lake George and decided to try geocaching!
Ever done it?
First download the app, and it gives you a map of all the possible hunts.
It's basically like a scavenger hunt. It tells you where one is, gives a riddle, and you go and find this small trinket that contains a paper inside, that you sign. Then you put it back.
Sometimes they leave a prize and you are suppose to replace the prize with a different one.
You can get your own tracked to see how far it goes, if you go through buying a trinket online.

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