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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kevin's Birthday

Hi Friends and Fellow Readers!
So sorry it's been awhile.
Life has been FUN and busy! And a good time.
Kevin's 23rd birthday was May 15th!
I had to work some so I came up with this awesome plan to get him gifts that would keep him busy from sunrise to sundown and in between when I was at work.
That way he was always celebrating. 
I planned it so that he was to open a gift at the 23rd minute of every hour. Because he turned 23.
We went out the night before to buffalo wild wings for drinks and wings and slept on the yogibos because that was his request.
The big day started off at 8:23am
He opened a cookie dough cupcake. Sadly, he did not like the butter frosting.
Then from then on til 10:23pm he opened fun gifties.
Kevin LOVES gag gifts so I went with that theme. 
He really enjoyed himself and it was a lot of fun checking in with him every hour to see his reaction to each gift. 
That night we went to a friends to play trivial pursuit and cards against humanity. 
Here is some of the loot (only thing not shown is an Eddie Bauer water bottle)

And because a birthday isn't a birthday without a big gift:
When Kevin and I have a day off we are going to do the Adirondack Extreme Adult courses
Obstacle courses high up in the tree tops with swings, ziplines, rocky bridges and other challenging things.
It's going to be a really fun experience.
Well wanted to share!

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