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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recent Festivities

Good Morning,
Let's see, what have I been up to?
All sorts of things.
I've had a few early morning pet sits, where I got to see a yard full of newts. 
Literally every step I took I saw some.
 The day after Kevin's birthday we went out to lunch at a new place.
It was delicious.
 My favorite flowers have bloomed. 
Lillies of the valley and lilacs.
 Recently I couldn't pass up these new sunglasses.
I fell in love with them- heart shaped frames and all!
 I've been to Dave and Buster's for miss Chelsea's birthday!
I won 1000 tickets on one of the games and we had a ton of fun.
 The next day was my sister's birthday! 
She came to visit ME on HER birthday!
It was awesome and much needed!
We had lunch, did some shopping, and visited some gardens. 
 After that excitement I had to nap due to the few hours of sleep I was running on.
I woke up and had some lovely afternoon tea.
 Miss Twinkle is good.
She's often sleeping or bored but healthy.
Kevin had the day off Monday so we went and had an adventure!
Moreau State Park.
Of course we had to hit up the playground first.  
 ^That made a terrible squeaking noise.
Lovely land bridge crossing over the beautiful ponds.
 We had our good friend Beeker (aka Jason) with us who also works with Kevin.
They found perfect walking sticks and pretended they were in Harry Potter?
They poked mysterious holes and tried to hunt the wildlife.
 Strangely, we found some reading glasses placed on a bush. 
Kevin tried them on.
He doesn't look half bad in these chunky frames.
We left them on the bush.
 After our journey, we were starved and went to a chinese buffet.
Then we went separate ways only to meet up once again for late night mini golf!
So I've been a busy bee! 
Life has been fun and I have been loving every second of it.
Like you should :) 

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