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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy 1 Year to Us

Hi Friends!
June 22nd we already celebrated our one year of marriage!
I cannot even believe it. 
It's been such an amazing and busy year. 
For it, we took a trip to Block Island. 
Sadly we could only stay one night but it was well worth the trip!
We got up wicked early Sunday morning and arrived to the ferry in Rhode island at 9:30. 
Then arrived on Block Island at 10:30. 
We browsed the shops, got some lunch at an Italian restaurant and rented a moped to explore. 
Before our trip I planned out some adventures for us to discover.
One being the Mohegan Bluffs.
Kevin proposed to me on a bluff so I found it necessary to visit these ones.
They were gorgeous! 
Another adventure was to Clay Head Beach.
This was on the other side of block island. 
After 4 hours of doing that, we headed back and returned the moped and decided to check out our own beach behind our bed and breakfast. 
It was wonderful. 
The sand is SUPER soft on block island, whereas it can be so rough in cape cod, MA. 
We spent the afternoon enjoying complimentary wine and treats hour.
Then laid on the beach before going to dinner. 
We watched the world cup game at the pub we went, and it was loud, exciting atmosphere.
Too bad they tied.
That night we were going to go for a late night beach walk but got so tired that we ended up crashing early.
We did watch the sunset though :) 
The next day we got up, enjoyed complimentary breakfast and spent all morning and early afternoon on the beach, or on the porch just talking about everything.
It was perfect and felt like it had been awhile being able to talk like that.
After hours on the beach, we got some lunch and walked the shops again for some souvenirs.
I left with an adorable hoodie and sweatshirt material blankie! 
We caught the ferry at 5:15 and were very sad to go home already.
It's about a 4 hour drive so we were in bed at our home by 11:00pm. 
It was an amazing first anniversary!
I am so excited to see what the next years will bring and how we will celebrate.
We additionally gave paper gifts. I am still awaiting Kevin's gift for me as it hasn't shipped yet, but I got him a print of our vows enlarged (11x14), with our names in the middle. 
He loved it.
Can't wait to see what mine is!

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