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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Previous Weekend and things

Hi Friends!
Before I tell you about my fun filled weekend home!, FINALLY after 7 months,
can we just take a moment to look at these GORGEOUS flowers?
So many have bloomed so prettily around where I am walking dogs.
I always have to stop and take a picture. 
 So red, even deeper than shown here, that it makes it look blurry!

 These are in front of my house
 The weather has been beautiful all week!
I mean 75 or up! 
Beautiful sunny days.
I had a break between dogs one day and was able to sneak over to friends for a sunbathe and pool dip!
 These clouds were so cool the other morning!
This weekend we got to finally make a trip home!
I had actually been without Kevin all week :(
He was at induction for Best Buy but is now hired on fulltime!
Go Kev!
So I reunited with him back at home on Friday because we had a wedding to attend!
My cousin Jonathan married Amy into the family. They also have a beautiful son Liam.
Here are some pictures I adore.
 Love this picture of my sister and I with my grandfather! A rose between two thorns.
Such a cool cake!
My hairstyle for the wedding. My mother in law did this one^. 
And underneath, Kadee, my brother in law's girlfriend (minds well be sister in law) did this the night before, when we went to the casino for the night. 
They are slightly different. But both so pretty!
The bride and groom!
 New favorite wine. Strawberry Moscato!!
The wedding was lovely and though we had to leave early (before even dancing with my husband!- trust me I was bummed) it was beautiful. 
While home I was able to ride on Kevin's motorcycle, which will be up here with us soon enough.
I was also able to see my family finally and 3 of my closest friends!
It was a busy weekend but super needed.
I'll be visiting again soon for my not so baby brother's graduation!

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