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Monday, July 14, 2014

Chaotic Summer Fun

Dear Friends,
Fellow readers,
If I even have any still due to the lack of progress I've had towards this blog.
It's been a busy summer.
But one that has been A LOT of fun.
We are usually with friends getting into trouble.
Whether it's at a friend's house, a carnival, paint-balling, or grabbing drinks, we are up to something!
I've gotten to catch a lot of sunsets too.
It's been a lot of laughing and memories made.
Here are several pictures to share with you of said events. 
Tim at Buffalo Wild Wings
 One of my dog walk paths :) 

 p.s my not so baby brother graduated highschool!
 Another dog walking trail
 Upon Sunset
 With rainbows
 Following sunsets

 Twink is doing good and being our sweetie.
I took a bath one morning and read in the tub. She had to come investigate and join me.


 Kevin's awesome sunset puddle picture. It was a hit online.
 Hydrangeas, my fav. <3

 In my spare time I get to swim in beautiful pools, and catch up on some reading.
Currently, it's all the Harry Potter Books.

 Had a super fun Girl's day with my friend Alyssa. We went to some art fairs, and rode rides!

 More Selfies.
Our Friend has a new baby chocolate Lab. His name is Soco and he LOVES me.
And I want a puppy now.

 First time Paintballing! Some wounds.

 Had an amazing belated anniversary dinner! We were a cute plaid couple.


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