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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The one-two

Hi Blog Readers,
Life is good.
It's been a little busy so not much time to blog but I managed to find time.
Today I had the day off, and I helped organize and get my newest client set up.
Will do an introductory post once we get things more established!
But you'll like her!!
What else is new?

Well, yesterday was my last day of physical therapy! WOO!
All done. And feeling good. 
 Just need to keep up with my excerises and I'll be golden.
The twinkle cat is good. Loving each of the trial sized bags of food that I wrote about previously.
Go figure. 

 Made a couple of yummy dinners recently.
A bbq pork steak that was divine.
And apparently I rock at making spanish rice!

 Have gotten back to painting, it makes me feel so good.Relaxed, calm and creative.
If only my artwork would sell, imagine then how good I would feel?
One day I'm sure.
This recent painting a lot of people liked, even though I was torn about it.

My sister sent me a little care package recently!
Hers are the best kind!
She sent along cool harry potter stamps, 2 new watercolor brushes, our scribble journal we've had for awhile and these cool old fashion clip on horse earrings that I adore.

 I often stop to admire my ring, like the other day when it was sparkling in the sun.
I truly am in love with it still.

My dog walking clients were so sweet to me this holiday season for just meeting me. From one of them I got an amazon gift card, to which I bought 2 cases for my phone online. 
This was one of them. Appropriate is an understatement!
Love itttttt.

I've been doing a lot of letter writing lately!
I love hand writing letters, and I love getting them even more!
So that's been fun.
I get like 2 new magazines in the mail everyday, which is a total excitement, however I have SOOO MANY already that I can't seem to catch up on them.
Need to dedicate an entire day to it I guess.

Kevin and I watched catching fire the other day! WE LOVED IT naturally!!
SO good. 
I can't wait for Mocking jay (?), too bad its in 2 movies instead of one!
The temperature here has been ridiculous.
SOO cold. 
Frankly, it can warm up any day because dog walking in it is not fun necessarily. Either I am too layered and uncomfortable or i'm still cold. 
But the job is going great none the less. I love it!

Made some yummy pretty rose tea the other day.

Tomorrow we both have off, so other than some quick grocery shopping,
it's snuggle Sunday!
We recently coined that since the last Sunday we had off together, we spent all day wrapped in blankets next to each other.

But that's about it.
Life is good, and coming together how I want it to :)
Hope all is well in your pretty lives!

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