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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birthday Planning

Hi Friends,
So yes, my birthday is still a ways away. April 5th.
I've decided to begin thinking about what to do for it.
What do I want?
What can't I live without?
Having difficulty deciding. Because I have no idea.
and Kevin and I went out to Aurora on the actual day for it.
It was really really nice.
So this year I need to decide.
I will have the day off, and Kevin is trying to get it off too.
But that's only one day. 
I need to decide if I want to jet home for the day to celebrate with family.
Part of me wants to, of course, but  part of me questions it because of the long drive and limited time with everyone. 
It is only one day. 

So I'm stumped.
Some of the things I read that others did on their 24th birthday that sounded fun are:

A murder mystery dinner.  You get a character, and arrive dressed up and in character, have parts to read and the whole thing is narrated in the game.  Menu ideas are usually included and decoration ideas. Examples: luau, italian family dinner, etc.

24 favorite things during the 24 hours of your birthday

24 acts of kindness just because. Make the day about feeling good and positivity. 

Part of me secretly wishes that Kevin would plan the entire day. Include all my favorite things and just plan it all out himself. 
It would be a lot of work though.
Who knows, maybe I'll leave it up to him and give him hints. 
But i'll make sure to tell him if there is anything I can think of to do, so I don't get disappointed or make him feel bad.
Well share any ideas if you have any!
Would love suggestions.

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